Woodwork and Carpentry Collectibles

Woodworking and carpentry are crafts that have been around for centuries and centuries, since before Europeans came to Australia, and the fruits of woodworking and carpentry can stick around a very long time indeed if they are taken care of properly. Collecting antique or remarkable woodworking and carpentry tools is a fantastic way of outfitting your craft-corner in the house, garage, or shed, and a great way to collect a little bit of history. Who knows who used these tools, and for what? Not every collectable tool is by definition antique; there are plenty of high-end tools made in an old style with old methods that you might be interested in owning.

Antique Tools, Hardware and Locks

One of the most common types of woodworking is the building of boxes, cupboards or other pieces that you can store something in. These will of course involve metal parts such as latches, locks and hinges. These antique tools, hardware and locks can be collected separate from actual pieces of woodworking and you may enjoy cleaning and restoring them and building new cabinet making projects with them.

Collectable Axes and Hatchets

There is an altogether different category of tools that are traditionally used with wood out there as well: collectable axes and hatchets. Axes and hatches are some of the oldest tools in human history and some of these items have over a hundred years of history. Restoring an antique tool of any kind can make for a great hobby project and once done an antique axe or hatchet can still be used as a tool perfectly fine or else hung from the wall as a display item.

Antique Cabinets

Antique pieces themselves have at least as much history as the tools used to make them, especially since well-kept wood can last for centuries. If you’re interested in antiques of any kind, having an antique cabinet, chest, or cupboard is a great way to round out your interior.