Wool Quilts

100 Per Cent Wool Quilts

Wool quilts are essentially one of the most comfortable pieces of bedroom accessories. They are quite warm and durable, with only a few disadvantages under the covers. Most are specially made from sheep’s wool, but there are some fabrics that have been mixed with cotton or polyester as well. However, 100 per cent wool quilts are the top choice when buying quilts for overall warmth.


Wool quilts can keep you warmer than most other quilts. They are thicker and less likely to wear out over time with proper care. Some prefer wool quilts over other fabrics because of its natural fibres. For a similar quality but different texture, consider a 100 per cent cotton quilts as another option.


The biggest worry when it comes to owning anything that is made out of wool is cleaning. It is very important for the owner to take heed of the cleaning and laundry instructions. The number one rule when it comes to wool is to never wash it in hot or warm water or else it will shrink and proper detergent must be used. The quality of the fabric will decrease if not cared for properly. If you want something that can withstand heavy cleaning, you may want to consider microfibre quilts instead.


Wool is usually coloured before it is turned into fabric. First it is made into yarn, which is then woven into fabric either as a plain weave or twill weave. Thread counts are not important as the weight of the wool quilt.


Aside from comfort, wool quilts come in various designs like diamond stitching and panelled stitching. Although not many companies offer flashy wool designs, one can use a doona cover to feature patterns or other designs not typically seen in wool quilts. Doona covers can be made out of cotton, polyester or silk.

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