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Work Uniforms

Work Uniforms

There are all kinds of work uniforms to select from, such as health- and safety-conscious high-visibility apparel. Many industries have strict appearance and clothing regulations. Thankfully, there are plenty of options from which to choose, so you can find the best uniform items suited to your work environment.

High-Visibility Work Gear

Also known as hi-vis, this specific type of apparel features fluorescent fabric with reflective strips to provide extra visibility in high danger zones, such as building sites or those where heavy machinery is operated. A hi-vis jacket is an essential item for many workers and mandatory for a large number of industries. Railway, airport and road workers are all required to wear high-visibility workwear to enable them to stand out against dark backgrounds. Not only for those in trades, high-visibility clothing is important for those who ride motorcycles and bicycles. Many people recommend keeping an affordable, lightweight vest in the car should you need to change a tyre at night. As well as vests and jackets, overalls, jumpers and trousers are all available to ensure you can be seen. Fabrics can range from lightweight vests to cosy fleece jumpers to waterproof and weatherproof jackets.

Work Bottoms

Many industries require plain work trousers, such as building, trade and service, manufacturing and customer service industries. For work environments where trousers are too formal and jeans are too casual, work trousers offer a great durable option. Many are constructed from cotton drill, which is much like denim, although without the fading. They are durable and long-lasting, and can withstand wash after wash. Features, such as a waistband and belt loops, easy zipper flies and five-pocket detailing ensure theyre comfortable and functional. Cotton fabric allows skin to breathe, keeping you comfortable during the day.

Overalls for Work Uniforms

Overalls are an excellent option for those who work in jobs that involve a high degree of dirt or substances like paint. Popular amongst painters and those in the automotive industry, such as auto-electricians and mechanics, they protect your regular clothing underneath and are easy to wear. Their one-piece nature means they stay on well, and you wont have to worry about trousers slipping down. Generally constructed from durable fabrics, such as cotton drill, and featuring reinforced seams, they hold up well to heavy wear and tear. Protective suits and coveralls may also be used to protect delicate environments from dust and dirt, and options are available in thin disposable fabrics, which extend to cover the head and shoes.

Polo Shirts for Work Uniforms

Smart without being formal, comfortable without being too casual, the polo shirt makes a great unisex workwear option. Crafted from cotton or poly cotton blends, they are generally made from a jersey knit fabric, meaning theyll stretch with your body as you move. A collar at the neck provides sun protection and a professional appearance. Theyre easy to have your work logo embroidered on should you desire, and both men and women can wear them, saving companies from having to produce separate uniforms for both genders.

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