Workshop Safety Glasses & Goggles

Safety Glasses, Goggles, and Shields

Safety glasses, goggles, and shields are important tools when it comes to protecting your eyes and face. There are some that are designed to protect the eyes against exposure to chemicals or other hazardous materials, and there are some that can protect your eyes from impact or flying debris. With so many types of eyeglasses and other face protection to choose from, you can find some that suit your specific needs.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are often used to protect the eyes from exposure to harmful chemicals. Most of them feature an elastic or adjustable fabric band that goes around the head and holds the goggles firmly in place. This creates a tight seal against the face and ensures that liquid cannot get in underneath the goggles.

Safety Glasses

Instead of having an elastic or fabric band that holds them in place, most safety glasses feature arms that rest on your ears, just like other types of glasses. Some are designed for use during construction projects, and some of them are Sport protective eyewear, which are designed to be worn during a variety of physical activities.

Safety Sunglasses

Safety sunglasses are similar to safety glasses, but they feature dark tinted lenses. Some glasses are simply designed to cut down on glare while doing short outdoor projects, and some feature 100% UVA and UVB protection, which makes them ideal for all day wear for outdoor building projects or other physical activities.

Safety Shields

Safety shields are designed to provide protection for the entire face as well as the eyes. They feature a clear, impact resistant panel that is slightly curved to conform to the shape of a face. Some glasses are darkened or tinted to provide some sun protection, while others are simply clear. Industrial face shields are commonly used for tasks such as operating a belt sander or a large table saw.