Worldwide Stamps

Stamp collecting has been a largely popular hobby in many countries since the nineteenth century and with so many different stamps to collect, it is a great hobby to have. Postage stamps from around the world hold value depending on their age, condition and history. Having a range of stamps from countries around the world is certainly a big part of a good stamp collection and you may like to find out the worth of your collection by a certified valuer.

British Colony & Territory Stamps

Britain was the first country in the world to introduce postage stamps and passed this on to their territories. Since these are some of the oldest stamps in the world, the British Colony and Territory Stamps are great collectors’ items and many can very valuable. One British stamp sold for millions of dollars in an auction. How great would you feel to find one of those?

Whole Stamp Collections

You may be very lucky to find a whole stamp collection for sale, which could even be worth a lot of money. Sometimes people decide that stamp collecting is not for them anymore or otherwise they may have inherited a collection from a family member and have no idea about the hobby. This can be wonderful for you considering there may be some hidden gems that hold some value. It definitely pays to have a look through the worldwide stamp collections.

Stamp Pictures

Many countries such as Britain always feature a picture of their sovereign on their stamps, while other countries have pictures of presidents, animals, ships and birds. Some countries make commemorative stamps to celebrate occasions such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or anniversaries. Some people like to collect stamps based on their pictures or themes and will only keep these in their collection.

Stamp Care

When collecting stamps and adding them to your collection, it is important to take great care when transferring them from envelopes to your album. Stamps are worth more if they are in pristine condition so you can purchase tweezers and gloves to assist in keeping your stamps dirt and damage free.