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WowWee Robot Toys

WowWee is a Canadian consumer technology company. Its popular product offerings are WowWee robot toys like the robot puppy. In 2018, the brand won the TOTY 2018 Collectible of the Year award for its Fingerlings electronic toy pets.

What are Some of WowWee's Hottest Toys?

Here are three toys for options:

  1. WowWee Mip Robot Toys. These lovable, autonomous and multifunctional companion rests on top of dual wheels. It features GestureSense technology and any hand motion controls MiP. Connect it via Bluetooth to the MiP App via iOs or Android to access more features. Mip responds to hand gestures like claps, swipes and touch. This robot also responds to noises in the environment. Drive it or even make it dance.
  2. WowWee Chip Robot Toy Dogs. These chippies are available in different sizes and are coloured accordingly: blue, white, black and pink. These are one of the coolest things you can gift 5-year olds with for their birthdays. Playful and interactive, these R/C puppies show off a lot of tricks. Pat the head and see different reactions. Use the remote to steer your Chippies around. Chippies can explore on their own and sense intruders via their sensors. Bright LED eyes greet you. Hind legs are poseable.
  3. WowWee Fingerlings electronic toy pets. Fingerlings by WowWee are fast becoming a favourite among kids. These cling to your fingers. These react to motion, sound and touch. These also make monkey noises.

How Do You Play with Fingerlings Robot Monkeys?

Here's how:

  1. Tap their heads to trigger the sensors and see your robot monkeys react in different ways.
  2. Hang them upside down and hear them squeal and laugh boisterously.
  3. Cup your hand on the top of the head and hear them toot. When you do this while they hand upside down, you'll hear them burp!
  4. Blow them kisses and you'll receive smooching sounds in return. Sometimes, you may get a sneeze instead.

Why Choose Robot Toys for Kids?

These never replace the real thing. Explain this clearly to kids. One of the top reasons to allow your kids to play with robot toys is that you allow them to ease into and feel comfortable with high tech stuff. This gets rid of that feeling of intimidation. You also get them interested in innovative and creative concepts early on.