Wreaths, Garlands & Plants

A guide to Christmas greenery: Wreaths, garlands & more

There’s nothing quite like filling your home with the vibrant green of pine and fir at Christmas time. Adding a splash of greenery to your living space is a great way to take a fresh and natural-looking spin on classic Christmas decor.

Common types of Christmas greenery

Christmas greenery comes in many forms. However, they are generally all artificial so that they last longer.

  • Wreaths: Are typically artificial pine or fir bent into a circle and hung on your front door. Wreaths are intended to look like the twisted branches of a Christmas tree and are commonly adorned with baubles and bows.
  • Garlands: Are a swathe of artificial fir or pine foliage that is draped to decorate a space. They can be draped over a fireplace, wound between stair railings, or hung across the ceiling.
  • Plants: Common Christmas plants include artificial mistletoe, holly and other berries, and red poinsettias. Artificial Australian native foliage is also gaining popularity for its sophisticated appearance.

How to decorate with Christmas greenery

Christmas greenery is very versatile. You can easily match your wreaths and garlands with classic red and green decor, or go wild with another style. 

Top tips for decorating with Christmas greenery.

  • To make sure your wreaths, garlands and other artificial Christmas greenery look like real, living plants, try to dust them regularly.
  • If your wreaths and garlands are festooned with baubles, twinkling lights and other ornamentation, try to match these decorations in other parts of your house. This will help your decor to look cohesive.
  • There are multiple ways to attach your wreath to your front door. If your outermost door is a screen door, use zip ties to secure your wreath to the metal frame. If this is not possible, try a wreath hanger. 
  • To make your Christmas tree look extra lush, wrap a plain pine or fir Christmas garland around the centre trunk.

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