Wrestling Gear

Wrestling Equipment

In terms of equipment, wrestling is quite a low key sport and thus accessible to many people. The market may be full of thousands of different wrestling products, but the truth is that you need just a few of them to succeed. To be a wrestler, you require a singlet, wrestling shoes and headgear. If you plan to compete, make sure all of your equipment meets the necessary requirements.

Wrestling Singlets

The singlet is a tight-fitting one-piece garment from stretchy lycra or nylon material. The tight fit does not allow the opponent to grab you. The singlet looks like a combination of bicycle shorts and a tank top. The designs vary slightly, depending on the exact wrestling style in which you compete. Greco-Roman and freestyle singlets are typically lower at the chest, armpits and back when compared to folk-style singlets. Higher-cut singlets are common in collegiate and scholastic competitions. They can be of any colour and have the school's logo on them.

Wrestling Shoes

Good wrestling shoes help you to stand your ground and not let the opponent to take you down. In addition to providing a good grip, proper wrestling footwear supports your ankles and is both lightweight and flexible. Unisoles, soles made in one piece, provide a better grip than split sole shoes, while the latter are more flexible. Most wrestlers prefer a snug fit, but it comes down to a personal preference. However, usually, you should go a size or a half larger than your street shoe when buying martial arts footwear.

Wrestling Headgear

Headgear helps to prevent head and ear injuries, which are otherwise quite common in wrestling. They are available in youth and adult sizes and most of them are also adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. Soft headgear is suitable for beginners, while professional competitors prefer hard plastic shells.

Wrestling Equipment Requirements

In case you are planning to compete, you need to make sure that your equipment meets the set requirements. The rules are different for different types of wrestling and may also differ on the local and international level. For instance, usually you require two singlets for competitions, one red and one blue. Reversible singlets may be suitable for youth and local competitions.