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Wrist & Ankle Weights

Weight Training at Home

There is a lot to be said for training and working out at home. First up, there is no expensive gym membership to worry about. Secondly, there is no need to worry about all the expense lost to that gym membership when the gym is studiously avoided week after week. Lastly, working out at home offers a certain freedom that is missing from gym training. No more worrying about gym opening and closing hours, no more sharing sweaty gym equipment or stinky gym locker rooms. Training at home offers the opportunity to train whenever, wherever – whether that’s in the basement or the sunshine of the local park.

Investing in Equipment

However, for anyone who does want to work out at home – or in the local park – there is certain equipment that needs to be invested in. While some people are into heavy weight training, others may want to focus on cardio. So, it’s really about investing in equipment that will get the most use. For some people, wrist and ankle weights are a must-have. Unlike weights such as barbell attachments and dumbbells, these weights can be used while doing other types of training. With barbells and dumbbells, the user simply uses those weights in specific exercises to increase their strength or work on their tone.

Ankle weights and wrist weights attach to the ankle and wrist, weighing them down to make each movement more of a workout. These could be used when walking or jogging, or when doing cardio workouts or yoga. Available in a variety of weights, these weights are usually adjustable, allowing the user to add or remove weight according to the type of workout, or to add more weight over time as their strength increases. To find a range of ankle and wrist weights – along with a huge range of other weight training equipment – head to eBay, to find all the biggest and most trusted names in the industry.