Accent Your Garden With a Wrought Iron Garden Gate

When you want to fence off your garden, a new iron gate is an excellent choice that can be paired with a variety of fence styles. There are all sorts of charming wrought iron gate styles to choose from, ranging from simple, traditional designs to beautifully decorated ornate gates for sale. When you want a gate that is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, check on eBay for wrought iron gates.

Choose from many beautiful iron gate styles

When you start searches for "wrought iron gates for sale near me," you will find many designs to pick from. You can narrow your selections a little by choosing one of these classic styles:

  • Straight top: This style has a clean, rectangular shape. It often has decorative finials along the top.
  • Arched top: These can have a concave or convex top.
  • Closed metal: These are made from a solid piece of metal instead of pickets.
  • Mixed media: This style combines iron with copper, metal, stainless steel, gilt, and other materials to create a beautifully multicoloured garden gate.
When should you consider used wrought iron gates?

You can frequently find used wrought iron gates for sale on eBay, and they come with some distinct advantages. One great benefit is that you can find cheaper items when you are willing to look at preowned iron gates. Considering older gates also gives you access to many lovely vintage styles that are no longer made today.

Features to consider when shopping for wrought iron gates

When you are looking at ideal wrought iron gates for sale, it is helpful to have an idea of what features you need. This helps you pick a gate that will be both beautiful and functional. Here are some features you may want to think about as you shop.

  • Automatic opening: Gates that open automatically can be quite useful when you have hands full of gardening tools or are approaching the gate in a vehicle.
  • Weather coatings: Some gates have galvanising or other coatings that can help them to resist some of the effects of weather.
  • Customisation: To add a distinctive touch to your gate, look for styles that let you customise the gate with a monogram or personal design.
  • Mesh backing: If you are worried about pets squeezing through openings in the gate, then find one with a thin mesh against the wrought iron.