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Wrought Iron Tables

What is a wrought iron table? Wrought means "worked," where heat softens the metal so crafters can hammer and bend it into shape. The iron is 99 percent pure, and thus it is strong, with few impurities, and you can work with it without worrying about cracking or breaking. In comparison, cast iron is moulded in templates and bolted together, so the seams can be visible. It is also not as strong as wrought iron. Many wrought iron tables have mixed material designs. For instance the frame and legs might be wrought iron, but the tops are wooden, glass or other types of metal such as bronze or copper.

Why is Wrought Iron So Popular?

Because of its low carbon content, wrought iron has a texture like wood grain, quite different from other metals. Among its other advantages, wrought iron furniture is durable and weather resistant. It has higher corrosion resistance than steel and lasts longer than other materials for patio furniture. Because of its weight it withstands high winds and knocking around by pets and children. It resists fading. Moreover its workability means a vast array of creative and decorative designs are available. Surprisingly, wrought iron resists rust better than other iron metals, due to its fibrous texture. All it needs is regular cleaning with water and some light detergent. Then once a year check for chips and rust, remove them, prime and cover with rust proof paint, and your table and chairs will last a lifetime.

Glass Topped Tables

If your tastes are totally contemporary, you might prefer a glass top. There are many styles of, for example, glass coffee tables available and they look great with wrought iron frames. The clear glass complements the open airiness of wrought iron legs, which can be thinner than wood but have the same strength.

Wrought Iron for Collectors

Wrought iron furniture can be valuable to collectors. This is because of its durability and infinite array of creative designs made possible by the hand-worked manufacture. The malleability of wrought iron means that intricate curls, scrolls, and botanical patterns are easy to make, with no two really the same. If wire is part of the design, collectors should look for finished wire ends because this means the item has higher value. Unfinished ends indicate cheaper manufacture, though the item is still durable and a good purchase for your own use.

Other Metal Coffee Tables

Modern metal coffee tables are an alternative to wrought iron. Being indoors, rust is usually not an issue. Any metals may be available including brass, nickel, steel, chrome, copper and various alloys. The tops may be glass, marble, laminates, wood, or also of metal, thus matching your decor is no problem.

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