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X-Doria Cases, Covers and Skins for iPhone

X-Doria iPhone Cases, Covers and Skins

X-Doria produces a wide range of protective cases for iPhones, including current-generation models. Their lineup includes lightweight and heavy-duty cases in a variety of styles.


X-Doria is an American manufacturer of smartphone and smart device accessories based in Santa Monica, California. They produce cases for the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 as well as their variants, including X-Doria iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers and the iPhone 6S. They also design and build Apple Watch cases and bands, as well as cases for some other brands of smartphones.

Defense Cases

X-Doria mobile phone cases are designed to protect your smartphone and look good at the same time. Their flagship protective cases are found in their Defense line. These heavy-duty cases feature an innovative triple layer design. A soft rubber sleeve fits around the phone to protect it from impacts and provide a secure grip, while a hard polycarbonate shield covers up the back of the phone. Finally, a bumper wraps around the edge of the phone to lock the other layers in place. Depending on the specific model of case, this can be made from synthetic materials or anodised aluminium. Defense cases are designed to provide military grade protection, providing protection against falls from up to 2 metres.

Other Cases

The heavy-duty Defense line is not the only group of mobile phone cases and covers available from X-Doria. The company also produces lighter, slimmer designs like the glitter-coated Revel Lux Case and the folding faux leather Engage Folio. Folding cases like this provide the additional advantage of screen protection while closed, preventing scratches.


Like the iPhone itself, X-Doria iPhone cases are designed to look good as well as performing well. Cases within the Defense Family come in a wide range of colours and designs from plain colour-matched styles to military-style digital camouflage. If you prefer to let your phone speak for itself, the transparent Defense Clear provides military-grade protection while still allowing you to see the phone underneath. For the truly style-conscious, X-Doria also produces their Defense Lux range, which features premium materials and designs including carbon fibre styles and real walnut and bamboo wood.