XL Dog Beds

XL Dog Beds

Pet owners understand that their furry friends are important members of their families. When they want to relax, dogs enjoy taking comfortable naps or lying down within close proximity of their humans. Many dog companions prefer more padding than dog mats may provide, and there are a variety of styles of plush XL dog beds to accommodate larger canine breeds or smaller dogs that appreciate roomy beds.

Orthopaedic Beds

Large dogs often require dog mats and beds that can support their bone structures. Because jumbo breeds often need to carry more weight than their smaller counterparts, they may suffer from overtaxed joints and hips. XL orthopaedic memory foam dog bed designs provide more cushioning than some other bed styles, and designs may include bolstered sides or sleep areas with fleece material that keeps dogs warm during colder months. XL orthopaedic beds are also excellent selections for older dogs and pets recovering from operations.

Bolster Beds

Canines who enjoy resting their heads on pillows may appreciate the raised sides of XL bolster dog beds in round or oval shapes. Large pets often enjoy resting on the cushioned bottoms of these beds, and their heat-retaining cup shapes help the dogs use their own body heat to keep warm. Pets who feel more secure resting against the raised sides of XL dog beds may sleep more soundly when using these sleeping surfaces.

Lounging Beds

Many hounds that like stretching and lying on their backs when sleeping tend to enjoy using XL lounging beds in round or square shapes. Lounging bed designs are soft and roomy, and active dogs who like to wriggle around on their backs when playing may favour this dog bed style. Some XL lounging beds include removable, tear-resistant covers that are easy to wash and keep fresh.

Heated Beds

Dog beds that use watts for heating are great choices for pets who like resting in garages or dog houses. Many designs of XL heated dog beds adjust to pets body temperatures, which can make canines feel comfortable without making them too warm for restful sleep. Because some of these beds are great for indoor or outdoor use, large canines can use them for napping in their homes or when resting outside after racing around their yards.

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