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Size XXL dog beds

Treat your pooch to a new place to sleep with XXL dog beds. Perfect for larger breeds of dogs, XXL dog beds will provide your dog with a comfortable and spacious place to snooze after a long day. Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of XXL dog beds including cushion, mattress, mat and sofa style beds available in a wide range of colours and designs. 

Mattress dog bed

Extremely comfortable, XXL mattress style dog beds provide your dog with a large area to sleep. They come in a range of colours including cream, black and red so you'll be certain to find one to match the rest of your home decor as well beds with cute prints and patterns. If your dog suffers from sore joints treat them to a memory foam mattress dog bed. Memory foam provides pressure relief on joints and a high level of support, perfect for older dogs in need of added comfort. 

Basket dog beds

XXL basket dog beds are a cosy option for your pooch, providing them with a safe and secure place to sleep. For extra comfort, look out for basket dog beds with a fleece lining or for something a little more practical choose a waterproof bed. You can also find basket dog beds that are machine washable so you can easily freshen it up. 

Sofa dog beds

Add some luxury to your dog's sleep regime with XXL sofa dog beds. Made to look like a small sofa, these dog beds are the perfect accompaniment to any room. For some serious style, choose a sofa dog bed made from crushed velvet or faux leather. 

Waterproof beds

Perfect for dogs who love to get wet and muddy, XXL waterproof dog beds are easy to maintain and clean. Waterproof dog beds come in all shapes and sizes including mattress, basket, sofa and cushion style beds.