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Xbox 360 Motion Sensors and Cameras

Ever since the Xbox 360 gaming console first hit the market, this Microsoft system has been delivering gamers with innovative new ways to enjoy their favourite games. In addition to standard video games played with controllers, the Xbox 360 now has motion sensors, cameras, and other accessories that help make games more interactive than ever. Gaming fanatics who want to get the most out of the Xbox 360 system can add these accessories to their console for a truly unique experience.


Microsoft Xbox 360 cameras, also known as Xbox Live Vision cameras, are designed to make the Xbox 360 console even more interactive. With this camera, users can take and send photos to their friends, video chat live with others, and even connect their camera to the kinetic motion sensors that allow gamers to use their body as the control in their game.

Motion Sensors

Kinetic motion sensors for Xbox 360 will pick up on the gamer's actual body movement. This means instead of playing games with a controller, users can use their own body and movements to play the game. This technology lets users play exercise-centred games and sports games as well as action and adventure games all with their own movements.

Other Accessories

In addition to the motion sensors and cameras that you can purchase with your Xbox 360 console, there are other accessories as well. While all Xbox 360 consoles come with standard attached controllers, there are other Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers and attachments available as well for those who want to add more players or play with wireless controllers. Since the Xbox 360 operates on the Internet, many gamers are able to talk to other players from all over the world while they play their favourite games. Microsoft Xbox 360 headsets make it possible for gamers to have conversations with other players in the game while keeping their hands free and open while they play.

Games That Work With Xbox Motion Sensors and Cameras

When shopping for new Xbox 360 games that work with motion sensors and cameras, it is important to look at the front of the box for the Kinect logo. This lets Xbox users know that they can use their motion sensors in this game. Otherwise, the game needs to be played with a standard controller.

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