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Xcel Surfing Wetsuits

Open ocean waters can at times get so chilly that they affect your ability to enjoy surfing. Fortunately, surfers can wear wetsuits which are specially designed to prevent your body temperature from falling to temperatures that could pose health problems. Xcel is one of the companies that focuses on the manufacturer of wetsuits that make the surfing experience enjoyable. Xcel wetsuits maintain your flexibility and lower the effects of cold water so that you can surf comfortably for hours. Consider browsing through surfing wetsuits can range anywhere from 2mm to 7mm. The torso region of Xcel wetsuit is usually more insulated with thicker material to raise the body's core temperature. The extremities have lesser thickness to provide more flexibility. The thicker the suit, the more insulated it is to help keep you warm while you are surfing in colder waters. Therefore, having an idea of how cold ocean waters get at a particular time will help you determine the best thickness for your Xcel wetsuit.

Wetsuit Build

Neoprene is the main material used to make Xcel wetsuits. Several pieces of neoprene are stitched together to make a complete wetsuit. Flatlock stitching, sealed stitching and sealed and taped stitching are the most common types of wetsuit stitching. Xcel puts in a lot of effort to ensure that only quality stitches are used in their wetsuit as they have an effect on warmth, comfort and durability of the wetsuits. Sealed stitching is applied in wetsuits worn in waters that fall below 60 degrees while sealed and taped stitching is applied in wetsuits worn in waters that fall below 54 degrees.


Xcel produces wetsuits of different sizes to meet the needs of surfers of all sizes. It is advisable to choose an Xcel wetsuits that fits perfectly so that it aligns perfectly with the shape of your body. However, it shouldn't be too tight that it cuts off your blood circulation. The suit should also allow for flexibility especially around body joints to allow for activities such as paddling.

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