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Xiaomi Home Network Wireless Routers

Home network wireless routers help convert Internet signals received through traditional cabled sources into wireless signals capable of being picked up by computers, laptops and other electronics with wireless Internet capability. Xiaomi, a company with is headquarters in Beijing, was founded in 2010 and is one of the largest smartphone and consumer electronics manufacturers in the world, and it manufactures home network wireless routers.

Xiaomi Home Network Wireless Router Throughput

Xiaomi wireless routers, like all routers, go into classifications based on speed and range, or throughput. The smallest in both speed and range, designated as 802.11n routers, typically have enough range to service small, one-level homes. Routers classed as 802.11ac are substantially faster than the 11n varieties, especially when used at closer ranges.

Xiaomi Home Network Wireless Router Considerations

Obstructions like walls and furniture, and factors like distance, affect the performance of all home network wireless routers. Because of this, selecting a router that has the range to adequately perform in the areas of a home wireless service is critical. Alternatively, users should consider the layout of their home, and find the ideal locations to place routers for optimal performance.

Xiaomi Home Network Wireless Router Limits

Those paying for high wireless service speeds from their Internet service provider should also consider the performance limits of Xiaomi home network wireless routers. Generally these will not affect those receiving less than 100 Mbps.

Xiaomi Home Network Wireless Router Ports

For those who also use LANs or who like to adjust their own Quality of Service or QoS ports, it is important to examine the port functions of a router. Some provide special LAN and Ethernet ports, and even allow users to optimise their routers for specific purposes, such as streaming videos, hosting VoIP calls, or providing other media.

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