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Xiaomi Home Security Cameras

Rest assured with a Xiaomi home security camera

Best known as one of the world’s leading smartphone brands, Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi is also a leading provider of smart devices designed for home IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystems.

Xiaomi makes cutting-edge security cameras to suit a wide spectrum of applications. It uses infra-red and motion sensors, wired and wireless mounts, WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, one-way and two-way audio communication, event-triggered and automatic video recording, with local and cloud storage options.

Pair with your smartphone and respond in real-time

Pair your Xiaomi smart home security system with your smartphone to receive notifications about activity that needs your attention, view live video and respond in real-time. Two-way communication models turn your security camera into a remote control intercom, letting you talk directly through the security system to delivery drivers, clients, guests and more.

Store video locally and on the cloud

Xiaomi offers outstanding peace of mind with the option to capture critical alarm-triggering footage and send recordings to the cloud, as well as storing crucial video on the device itself (using a 64GB microSD card). Cloud-compatible models come with an option to automatically store a week’s worth of recording on the cloud. Storage on both the cloud and your local microSD card cycles each week, with new footage automatically replacing the oldest footage.

Smart outdoor home security

Xiaomi are leading providers of IP and smart home security cameras. With Xiaomi, you can expect durable, weatherproof materials and simple designs as well as reliable network connectivity and leading-edge IoT functionality.

Xiaomi smart baby monitors

Love the sound of being able to check on your children with live video and reassure them in real-time? As well as tough outdoor security systems, Xiaomi makes a range of indoor-only security monitors - an excellent choice for use as smart baby monitors. Xiaomi’s range of smart indoor monitors offers the same mobile functionality as the broader smart home security range but designed specially to sit safely and unobtrusively inside your home.