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Yamaha Clarinets

Yamaha is a Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. They are part of a conglomeration that also produces electronics and power sports equipment, and at one point included a motorcycle division. People know it as a popular and quality manufacturer of woodwind instruments, as well as pianos, and stringed instruments, like the guitar and bass. They produce both clarinets and alto clarinets. Most clarinets are A or B flat clarinets, meaning they are in the key of A or B flat. B flat is the most common and versatile, used in jazz and concert performance, but people often play A clarinets in classical music.

Alto Clarinet Vs Clarinet

The alto clarinet is a woodwind instrument, like the clarinet. It resembles it in some ways, but is larger, with an extended mouthpiece and trumpet. It has the shape of a saxophone but is much more slender. It produces music on a lower register than the clarinet. Although the alto clarinet and the clarinet share similarities, including similar fingerings, they are not the same instrument. The relation is similar to the flute and piccolo. They are at different registers, with similar fingerings, but require different mouth positions and airflow.


The standard clarinet is also known as the student clarinet. It is an introductory model and often used for students who are first learning how to play the clarinet. Many of these models do not include all of the keys of professional or intermediate models. This is not a hindrance, however, as much beginning clarinet music does not require these more difficult register notes. Standard clarinets use less expensive but more durable materials. The YCL-255, for example, uses ABS resin and has synthetic v-pads. Standard models are less expensive and usually very durable for young or new musicians.


Intermediate models are for more serious musicians who are not yet professional. Often these musicians are still students, but have graduated to higher levels of music study. Intermediate models sometimes have options for nickel or upgraded silver keys, which affects the sound and durability of the instrument. The YCL-450 has a bell design that results in a clearer and focused sound.


Professional clarinets are made with more expensive materials, including silver, leather, and granadilla. They have more tone holes and levers to reach lower ranges and notes. Rather than synthetic pads, professional models often have cork pads. Additionally, there are options for gold plated keys.

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