Yamaha Complete Outboard Lower Units

Yamaha Complete Outboard Lower Units Bring You Speed on the Water

Yamaha outboard lower units are a reliable add-on for any boat. Whether you like to power upriver as you fish or slowly make your way around the lake, these units, easily found on eBay at affordable prices, will keep your outing going all weekend. The motors are powerful and require only simple maintenance.

How do you choose the right lower unit for your boat?

A reasonably priced Yamaha lower unit is a strong addition to any boat setup. You should consider the age of your boat and its size before buying a lower unit. A strong combination of upper and lower units includes a lower unit with plenty of power. You will want to make sure that there is enough horsepower in the lower unit to power the upper propeller unit. There should be enough power in both the propeller unit and the lower unit to power the boat comfortably. This reduces strain on the motor and the propeller.

The older your boat is, the more likely it is to start slowing down. Older boats may require more power as they age and deal with rust or dings. Consider amping up the power on your Yamaha lower unit if you have an older boat.

How do you choose between a used and new lower unit?

It's a good idea to consider the age of the upper unit and the boat. You don't necessarily want to pair an older upper unit with a newer lower unit. Used Yamaha lower units are a good bargain, as are remanufactured Yamaha lower units in general. Buy a unit that has had similar maintenance and care to the first unit so that they age together. They will then require maintenance around the same time. This way, you can save some energy and trips to the shop.

It's time for a new unit if you have a new boat, are going on a very long trip, or have a new upper unit. It's important to be prepared and schedule maintenance accordingly.

Yamaha lower units come in many sizes

The engine sizes available, such as the Yamaha 115 lower unit for sale, represent a broad range of options. They will power different size boats with varying ease.

  • The Yamaha F115 lower unit is a reliable unit for fishing inshore. It comes with mechanical or tiller options, and it features 1.8-liter displacement. The Yamaha 115 lower unit for sale is available in SOHC or DOHC options.
  • The Yamaha 50 HP lower unit has many iterations, depending on the year it was made. There are two-stroke and four-stroke options in this category. These are good lower units for navigating choppy waters. Check to make sure that the year you buy fits the upper unit; compatible fittings may vary.
  • The Yamaha 9.9 lower unit comes in mechanical or tiller versions. This is a good unit for shallow waters.