Yamaha Flutes

Yamaha Flutes

Many people who are keen on listening to flutes do so because the notes have a light and airy quality that are unlike any other type of instrument. Yamaha makes a cracking line of flutes for beginner, intermediate and advanced flute players. Knowing what to look for in a flute style is key to finding one that matches the personal tastes and ability of the flute player. From handmade wooden flutes to those made from gold and silver, Yamaha has an instrument to fit any skill level.

Yamaha Flute Components

Like other brands, the Yamaha flute is made up of three main components that include the headjoint, the body and the footjoint. The G-key on flutes can be in line with the other keys or at a slightly offset angle. Becoming familiar with the key arrangements is helpful because it can determine which flute style is best for holding in the hand comfortably and playing more accurately. Flutes players can get the hang of both styles, but often choose to stick to the one that is easiest for them to master quickly.

Yamaha Flute Styles

The instrument is available in styles that include Yamaha intermediate flutes, handmade flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes, professional flutes and student flutes. Yamaha 800 and 900 series models fall within the handmade flute category, while alto and bass fall into the 200, 300, and 400 Yamaha series and are part of the intermediate and student line. Professional flutes are broken down into a variety of 500, 600 and 700 series styles. Keeping these numbers in mind makes it easier to find a flute category that fits the personal needs of the player.

Yamaha Flute Material Composition

Yamaha does have a variety of different material compositions available in its flute.offerings. Handmade 900 series flutes are made from gold, and the 800 series flutes are made from fine sterling silver. Yamaha silver headjoint flutes are prevalent in the 300 series models, and Yamaha does offer a line of handmade wooden flutes as well. Some flutes are composed of a combination of nickel, silver and sterling silver, which can be found in the 500 to 600 series models.

Yamaha Flute Maintenance

Caring for a Yamaha flute is a relatively simple process that requires the user keep the instrument free of moisture. Flutes often come with a maintenance kit that includes a cloth and needle for removing moisture. Following the care and maintenance directions of the manufacturer for all three flute components and the keys helps to ensure that the instrument lasts for years to come.