Yamaha Guitars & Basses

Yamaha is one of the major manufacturers of guitars, bass guitars and musical instruments and accessories worldwide. It began in the 1880s as an organ and piano manufacturer and then branched out into other instruments and have been making guitars since 1942. In addition to electric guitars and electric bass guitars, Yamaha also makes acoustic guitars and amplifiers for the guitar aficionado.

What kinds of Yamaha guitars are available?

Some of the models of Yamaha electric guitars available include:

  • Revstar
  • SG
  • Pacifica
  • RGX
  • RGXA2
  • Hollow Body
  • Signature models

Various colours and hardware choices are available. In addition, there are several different models of acoustic guitars available, such as:

  • L Series
  • A Series
  • TransAcoustic guitars
  • Travel and mini guitars

The mini guitars are 3/4-scale guitars of full-size guitars and ideal for budding guitarists just starting to play. There are also several classical and nylon guitars available, including a ukulele-style mini guitar, called the Guitalele.

What kinds of Yamaha bass guitars are available?

There are also a number of electric bass guitars available from Yamaha, including:

  • BB Series
  • TRB
  • TRBX
  • Signature models

Most are four-string basses; however, the TRBX is a five-string model and the TRB and some of the Signature Models are six-string electric basses. Like with the electric guitars, there are several colour and hardware options from which to choose from.