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Yamaha Hi Fi Systems

Yamaha Hi-Fi Systems

Purchasing Yamaha CD Hi-Fi systems means youre getting products built on the Yamaha philosophy of "excellence, authenticity, and innovation." You can build your system one piece at a time by buying components, such as receivers, speakers, and amplifiers, or simply buy everything at once in a kit. Whichever you choose to do, you can expect an audio treat at the end.

Yamaha Audio Amplifiers

Yamaha audio amplifiers boost audio signals so they are compatible with your speakers. Units are compact and lightweight to fit in smaller spaces and transport easily. Some models include a remote control feature, surround sound processor, and Bluetooth connectivity. Weigh the features you want in your Yamaha amplifier alongside your budget to determine the best fit.

Yamaha CD Players and Recorders

A CD disc drive is a must-have for playing and recording music, movies, and other content. Yamaha CD players usually have built-in anti-vibration controls for improved playback and quiet operation. Moreover, the USB DAC function allows digital input from a computer or other electronic gadgets, while a remote control conveniently allows access to CD track selection, volume and play controls, and other functions.

Yamaha Speakers and Subwoofers

Speakers and subwoofers are available as free-standing units and ones that sit on a bookshelf or mount in the ceiling or wall. Floor-standing models provide deep-sounding bass tones suitable for home cinema systems. Alternatively, you can take your party outside and install outdoor speakers that have UV-resistant cabinets and powder coated grilles. These speakers hold up to any type of Aussie weather and transform your outdoor space into an entertainment hub.

Yamaha Receivers

The main component of your system, a receiver sends audio and video signals to speakers and displays. Most examples have wireless capability to connect to smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The HDMI connection allows video and music streaming to your television or computer monitor. Some models include Yamahas ECO mode to reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent.