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Yamaha Motorcycle Brake Rotors

Yamaha motorcycle brake rotors are an essential part of any Yamaha braking system. Brake rotors wear down over time, eventually becoming extremely unsafe. Motorcycle owners therefore need to check their rotors regularly and replace them when necessary.

Brake Rotors

Motorcycle brake rotors are an essential part of the braking system. They are essentially large discs that are bolted to the wheel hub. Typically they are made of steel or cast iron but other materials are also used, particularly on high-performance bikes and cars. When the brakes are applied, pistons move the brake pads into contact with the rotor and apply pressure. The harder that the brakes are applied, the harder the pistons press down on the rotor. The resulting friction causes the wheel to slow down.

Replacing Brake Rotors

No matter how good your brake rotors are, they will eventually need replacing. The heat and friction of applying brake pads will inevitably degrade the rotors over time, eventually degrading performance. Track motorcycles are especially at risk, as the hard braking takes a greater toll than city driving and racing rotors often prioritise responsiveness and braking force over lifespan. There are a few warning signs that can tell you when it is time to change your rotors. Some of these signs are visual, such as surface scoring, blueing or cracks on the rotor. Others can be detected in other ways: if you hear scraping or grinding when applying the brakes, this may indicate that your brake pads have worn down to the metal, which can seriously damage your rotor.

Yamaha Rotors

Yamaha front brake rotors and rear brake rotors are designed to fit Yamaha motorcycles. Using original Yamaha motorcycle brake rotors ensures compatibility with the rest of your motorcycle’s braking system. However, many aftermarket manufacturers also build braking systems for Yamaha motorcycles. Different Yamaha motorcycles feature different brakes, as they have to be selected not only for maximum braking power but also for their effect on the bike’s behaviour as it decelerates. Disc brakes are widely used throughout the Yamaha product range, with some bikes also featuring anti-lock braking system technology for enhanced braking performance.

Other Yamaha Brake Components

The rotors are not the only part of a motorcycle’s braking system that can wear down over time. The same friction that wears down brake rotors also wears down the brake pads. If your brakes feel spongy or slow to respond, this may well be a sign of brake pad wear. Unusual noises can also be a sign that the brake pad is wearing down to the metal.

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