Yamaha Motorcycle Stators, Magnetos and Parts

Yamaha Motorcycle Stators, Magnetos and Parts

Repairing and maintenance of your Yamaha motorcycle will involve a lot of different parts over its lifetime. Fortunately, Yamaha motorcycle stators, magnetos and parts for different models are widely available on the market. If you have the skills to repair your Yamaha bike, all you need is a good technique to choose the right part. Picking between original and compatible, and applying some special preferences for different parts, will ensure that your motorcycle runs smoothly and safely.

OEM Equipment

Motorcycle stators, magnetos and parts can be either OEM or compatible. Choosing the Yamaha OEM parts will give you the best performance, but branded compatibles can offer some boosts as well. Racing compatible parts may give you an edge in specific use scenarios, so consider branded parts and pay close attention to their specs.

Compatible Equipment

Unbranded motorcycle stators, magnetos and parts can also fit your Yamaha motorcycle nicely. Do not expect a boosted performance, but they will keep the machine running. Unbranded parts are an excellent alternative if an original is not available. Some unbranded parts might need adaptation to fit your motorcycle, so make sure that the part has a detailed description of its features.

Yamaha Motorcycle Stators

Motorcycle stators are pricy so replace, so its important to pick the right replacement part. OEM stators that fit your motorcycle can be searched using your Yamaha model and year number. The stator is consistent of more than one part, so if you are an experienced mechanic, you can disassemble it and only buy the parts you need to fix it. This is why you can both locate new, used and refurbished stators on the market. The stator, magneto, regulator and rectifier are all part of a co-dependent system that sometimes sells as a whole with a few aftermarket adjustments. Make sure that all parts listed match your motorcycle to avoid damage from compatibility issues.