Yamaha Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Yamaha motorcycle parts and accessories allow Yamaha bike owners to replace worn or damaged parts and equip their bikes to meet their needs. By using official parts or parts specifically designed to fit Yamaha models, owners avoid compatibility issues.


The Yamaha Motor Company is one of the Big Four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, and after Honda it is the most popular motorcycle brand in the world in terms of sales. The company was first established in 1955 when it was spun off from the Yamaha Corporation. Today, Yamaha’s motorcycle division is most famous for its sport and supersport models such as the R-1 and R-6, but also sells cruisers, scooters and off-road bikes. The company also sells ATVs, watercraft and snowmobiles as well as a wide range of accessories and related equipment.

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Many motorcycle owners prefer to maintain their own vehicles, and while Yamaha produces some of the world’s most reliable motorcycles, parts will sometimes need replacing on any motorbike. Yamaha motorcycle parts and accessories can be used to replace worn or damaged components with identical pieces built by the same manufacturer, ensuring compatibility. Some sellers also sell complete but unroadworthy bikes for parts. Because Yamaha is such a popular motorcycle brand, there is also a wide range of aftermarket parts available for their models, ranging from decorative Yamaha decals to protective crash sliders. Other Yamaha motorcycle parts and accessories include motorcycle covers for weather protection and bags for carrying luggage on the road.

Yamaha Gear

As well as motorcycles, Yamaha also sells a range of motorcycle clothing. Yamaha motorcycle helmets are typically built under license and come in a range of full-face and open-face styles. Yamaha sells both protective clothing for riding and casual clothing for relaxing, including a range of Yamaha MotoGP team merchandise.


Yamaha parts and accessories are not the only things required to keep your motorcycle in peak condition. Yamaha also manufactures oils, lubricants and additives under the Yamalube label. The formulas are the exact ones that Yamaha equipment is designed to be used with, increasing their effectiveness. The Yamalube lineup also includes cleaners and polishes for keeping your motorbike’s bodywork shiny.