Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha pianos are widely considered some of the best in the world. The Japanese company has been making them since 1887, and has established a reputable name in the industry for high-quality and precision instruments. Yamaha pianos are available in upright styles to baby grands and grands. They hold their value very well, and are admired for their elegance, beauty and clear strong sound. Known for their distinctive look in black ebony, polished to a mirror finish, Yamaha pianos are created to last generations, and the brand seeks to embody generations of Japanese craft whilst embracing innovation.

Yamaha Piano Construction and Materials

Pianos are crafted from the finest materials to ensure top performance and a long life. Keys are created from wood composite covered in ivorite—a hardwearing material created by Yamaha as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional ivory, which is porous enough to absorb sweat and oils from fingers—or acrylic resin, which is hardwearing and easy to clean. Interior workings utilise woods, such as spruce and walnut, whist the exterior varies for the style and design. Polished ebony is popular, however, rich lacquered mahogany and lighter brown shades of wood are available.

Yamaha Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are the more common and traditional style, and along with digital pianos, are the more accessible models available from Yamaha. Perfect for the beginning pianist right to concert and semi-professional players, Yamaha produces a range of styles and designs, from heavy-set traditional pieces with carved detailing and solid black pianos with strong gleaming curves to low-slung modern styles.

Yamaha Grand Pianos and Baby Grand Pianos

Nothing suggests glamour, elegance and luxury quite as much as a grand piano. As much a piece of art as a musical instrument, it looks incredible in an entryway or a sitting room. The sound is also unparalleled. Grand and baby grand pianos take up a lot of space with average baby grand dimensions being up to 1.6 metres wide, and concert grand pianos as large as 3 metres wide. The difference in sound and timbre compared to an upright piano is created by the length of the strings—frequencies resonate from the larger surface area, which creates a rich and full-bodied sound. In smaller areas, such as a sitting room, the difference in acoustics is not so noticeable or really even required. However, the differing tones can become more obvious in large airy spaces. The room in which a grand or baby grand piano is located will need to have ideal temperature and humidity levels—more so than upright pianos—due to the open lid and exposed strings. If cared for correctly, a grand piano is an instrument that will last hundreds of years and still perform fantastically, as well as create a centrepiece for the room.

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha digital pianos offer all the benefits of a piano without taking up the room. Digital pianos are compact and easily moved and stored, making them a great option for apartment living or those who shift frequently. The fact that they dont need to be tuned is also appealing. Digital pianos and keyboards are great for those who are looking for a more experimental sound, as the effect of the key can be digitally altered to suit the sound youre aiming for, from organ to jazz piano. Sleek in design and appearance, they also incorporate headphone ports so that you can play your music in private, which is perfect for those who are shy or need to be considerate of others.