Yamaha Pro Audio Speakers & Monitors

Yamaha Pro Audio Speakers & Monitors

Yamaha is a brand that is popular among those working in audio fields, so its no wonder that Yamaha pro audio equipment is popular among buyers. Their audio speakers and studio monitors come in a range of different capacities and features to fit the needs of different users.

Yamaha Audio Speakers

Yamaha speakers come in a plethora of types, including floor-standing speakers, centre speakers, bookshelf speakers, in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, subwoofers, as well as centre and surround packs. The type of speakers you require would depend on the sound type and volume you are trying to reproduce; for example, bookshelf and in-ceiling speakers may be suitable for house parties and smaller events, but outdoor speakers or floor-standing speakers would be a better choice for concerts. Centre and surround packs are a suitable compromise if you want a complete pair of speakers for your home or studio but dont have the budget or desire to buy each component separately.

Yamaha Studio Monitors

For recording, good studio monitors are a must for every amateur or professional studio. This special type of speakers reproduces sound with a lot of precision, which helps the sound engineer tweak the material to ensure quality regardless of where you play the media. Engineers divide the studio monitors into active and passive monitors as well as near and far-field monitors. Active monitors generally have an amplifier built-in and have an active crossover while passive ones dont. Near-field monitors are good for reproducing sounds in smaller areas, while far field ones are suitable for bigger spaces which require higher volumes.

Other Complementary Audio Equipment

Items from the same brand usually work well together, so consider a Yamaha pro audio mixer to complement your Yamaha studio monitor or speakers. Some amplifiers would also complete your sound system, together with some audio receivers where required.