Yamaha Trumpets

Yamaha Trumpets

Founded in 1887 as a piano manufacturing company, Yamaha is one of the most well-known companies in the world today. A Japanese multinational conglomerate, Yamaha has divisions for musical instruments, audiovisual and computer related products, and even motorbikes. Yamaha is the worlds largest producer of musical instruments, and Yamaha brass instruments are renowned for their quality. Yamaha trumpets are some of the best in the world and are highly coveted. They also maintain a high resale value.

Yamaha Trumpet Materials

Constructed from strong and quality materials, most Yamaha trumpets are fabricated from a yellow brass. Many feature a silver finish with a mirror polish to make sure your instrument looks as good as it sounds. Other styles feature lacquered brass finishes for an impressive gold effect. The brass bell isnt just for aesthetics either, it provides a warmth of sound that is unparalleled with other materials.

Yamaha Trumpet Accessories

Caring for your Yamaha trumpet is easy, and there are a few essential accessories that will make sure your instrument remains in sound condition. Brass soap is a specialised cleaning solution for brass trumpets, which will keep the integrity of the material, remove tarnishes and maintain your instrument. Not to mention, youll be removing undesirable dirt, germs and dead skin cells that can build up and lurk around the mouthpiece and where your fingers rest. Polishing cloths remove fingerprints and oils and keep the instrument free from smears, particularly important for those who play professionally or semi-professionally. Carry cases are essential for safe storage and are built to hold the trumpet securely in a soft, velvet fabric to protect dents and scratches. Yamaha brass instrument parts and accessories also include replacement mouthpieces.

Yamaha YTR 4335G II Trumpet

One of the most popular Yamaha trumpets, the YTR 4335G II is a great value for the intermediate to professional-level player. It has hand lapped valves and tuning slides, and a brass bell for that perfect sound. A first valve slide hook provides superior intonation, and it has a fantastic scale and reduced resistance. One of the more popular and reliable designs among the many Yamaha has to offer, its a good investment for the long-term player.