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Needlecrafts and Yarns

There are a number of different fun and interesting needlecrafts that many people enjoy doing. The common theme between all of them is that they require some type of needles and that you create something using needlework. Common needlecrafts include embroidery, knitting, lace making and rug making. Each of these different crafts require their own set of supplies and tools.

Embroidery Supplies

Embroidery is one of the most popular needlecrafts and there are some importantCraft embroidery supplies that make it possible. The main supplies needed for embroider are embroidery needles and embroidery thread. Many people also use an embroidery loop to hold the fabric they are working on in place. You can do embroidery on many different types of fabric including cotton, polyester and silk.

Crocheting and Knitting Supplies

Crocheting and knitting are also very popular needlecrafts. Some of the most commoncrocheting and knitting items include knitting needles or crochet hooks and yarn. With both crocheting and knitting, you can create a variety of wearable items including scarves and sweaters. You can find knitting and crocheting yarn in a wide array of colours and materials so you can create truly unique items.

Lace Making Supplies

Lace making is a needlecraft that requires precision and attention to detail. It involves hand sewing miniscule stitches in elaborate patterns. Lace making needles typically have a very fine gauge and lace making thread is very fine as well. Though white is the most common colour for lace, the thread is available in a variety of colours so you can make bright, decorative lace, or add a few colourful accents.

Rug Making Supplies

Rug-making tools and supplies typically include specialised needles with hooked ends, and grid-like frames that allow you to attach pieces of yarn in order to create pictures or patterns on the rug. With these supplies you can make anything from a small kitchen rug to a large rug for the middle of your bedroom or living room.