Yeast & Baking Agents

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Most commonly mixed with flour to bake delicious goodies, yeast and baking agents are an essential staple to have in your kitchen.  

When it comes to baking agents, most people don’t know the difference between baking soda and baking powder. In simple terms, acid is the only difference. However, this can make a huge difference for baked goods. Baking soda has only a single ingredient: sodium bicarbonate, which means it reacts when in contact with acids, creating a chemical leavening that causes your dough or batter to rise. Baking powder, on the other hand, has two other ingredients as well as sodium bicarbonate that help create this same chemical leavening at different stages. This is why baking powder is known as “double acting”, delaying the reaction until your mixture is wet and hot.  

In short, baking soda reacts immediately and is better used when you want your baked goods to rise a lot, while baking powder is slower and helps rising during cooking. On eBay, baking agents can also be ordered in bulk if you have commercial baking needs, and you might also want to check out all the other baking ingredients and desserts available.  

In addition, yeast is also used in baking for leavening. However, the difference with yeast is that it reacts with sugar, which then causes fermentation and the subsequent production of carbon dioxide. This causes a similar leavening process to baking powder and soda, but is better suited for tough mixtures like bread dough, because rising happens prior to cooking. When it comes to yeasts, some are higher in micronutrients and provide dietary fibre with natural minerals and vitamins. There are also vegan and gluten free options available on eBay to suit any dietary requirements.  

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