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Yo-yos have been entertaining people for thousands of years, with the first device believed to have originated from Ancient China. These devices are now a popular toy for children and adults of all ages in Australia and across the world, offering a way to have fun and build your skills. Yo-yos come in many different styles, colours, and purposes, with some of the most famous brands including Duncan and YoYo Factory. Yo-yos and other classic toys like toy marbles brands are often timeless playthings that anyone can enjoy, often even with a more serious approach to learning tricks, with modern varieties now featuring lights, sound, and more adaptable parts.

World Famous Brands

The yo-yo is a popular toy that can be just as enjoyable when made by a generic maker or one of the more iconic yo-yo brands. Some popular brands of yo-yo include Duncan, Russell and Yomega, with Coca-Cola even making yo-yos that people still love to collect today as vintage items.

Many Eras of Yo Yos

With so many years of history behind the device, there are yo-yos available spanning from all decades. Yo-yos make a popular vintage or antique item with popular brands like Coca-Cola being regarded as desirable collector’s items. The pre-1980's yo-yos are especially popular thanks to their vintage look and feel, with some collectors preferring simply to admire them rather than use them for fun.

Professional and High Performance Yo-Yos

In addition to being a fun and time-consuming toy, there are also high-performance yo-yos available for more serious use. These trick yo-yos might be the favourites of professionals, like magicians or in yo-yo competitions, and they have been designed predominantly to make learning tricks easier. There are hundreds of yo-yo tricks to learn and a high-performance yo-yo is the best way to learn them.

Different Materials and Styles

The three most common materials used in yo-yo manufacturing are wood, plastic, and metal. Wood yo-yos were the original form of this toy, metal is ideal for a longer spin time, and plastic yo-yos are usually favourites for those looking for a high performance or affordable model. There are different shapes of yo-yo including the classic shape which it is most popularly recognised as or the modified or flared gap shape.