Yoga & Pilates Accessories

All the yoga and Pilates accessories you need

Are you serious about your yoga or Pilates? Well, here on eBay you can find all of the accessories you need to stay fit and healthy in your own home. From mats to steps and a multitude of resistance bands, everything you need is right here.

Pilates bars

One of the most essential items you need for Pilates is a bar. These are also sometimes known as yoga sticks, yoga gym sticks or stretch ropes. Ultimately, it’s a lightweight bar with two stretchy straps on each end. Simply put your feet through the end of the straps, and complete your yoga or Pilates exercises. They’re great for resistance training, toning and building strength.

Yoga mats

If you love your daily yoga routine, you know how much better it is to have a supportive, comfortable mat instead of the carpet. There are plenty of mats available on eBay, in all different colours and thicknesses. Choose the one that’s right for you, and you’ll never be uncomfortable on the floor again. Many of the yoga mats available on eBay also come with straps, making them easy to roll up into a compact size for carrying around.

Resistance exercise bands

There are so many resistance bands to choose from, such as latex bands for yoga and Pilates. You can find other resistance equipment too, which are great for building strength. Many physiotherapists recommend resistance training following an injury because you have more control over how hard you push yourself. There are even some pull-up assistance bands on offer, helping you do pull-ups while you build up enough strength to do them solo.

Yoga balls

Yoga balls can be used in many different applications, from yoga and other types of exercise to seating. Here on eBay, you can find a range of different inflatable yoga props, such as balls, half balls and even anti-burst peanut-shaped balls. Plus, an inflatable yoga ball is great for improving and maintaining your posture at work.