Yoga and Pilates Mats and Non-Slip Towels

Whether you're headed to class or doing yoga on the go, yoga and pilates mats and non-slip towels give you a safe, secure surface to stretch out on. Made from durable materials like rubber and nylon, anti-slip mats clean up easily and are lightweight enough to be portable. Comfortable and supportive, yoga and pilates mats are the perfect accompaniment to your workout.

Welcome Mat

You really don't require much in the way of equipment when you practise yoga or pilates, but a sturdy mat is essential. Choose the right mat based on materials, such as non-skid cork or durable rubber, or opt for mats based on features, size, or colour. Thinner mats roll up for mobility, while thicker mats do double duty as gymnastics or martial arts mats, and fold up for simple storage. A waterproof mat works well for outside yoga, such as beachside or during hiking or camping.

Security Blanket

You may know what a yoga mat is, but the term yoga blanket may not be familiar. Essentially, during traditional yoga a regular yoga mat fits the bill just fine, but during hot yoga, also called Bikram yoga, a yoga blanket is more useful. These fit over your yoga mat and absorb sweat so your mat doesn't. Once your session is complete, simply remove the yoga blanket and toss it into the washing machine for easy cleanup.

Set It Up

For a variety of supplies all in one, purchase yoga mat sets. Sets may come with a mat along with yoga and pilates mat carriers and bags, which allow you to store and transport your yoga bag with ease. Some sets come with extras that can intensify your workout, such as resistance bands and balls. Purchase a mat with a matching blanket for hot sessions, or grab a set that comes with a water bottle for a polished workout look.

Exercise Extras

Round out your workout when you're not at class with some yoga DVDs. Learn some new moves in the comfort of your living room, or brush up on the basics before your next studio session. Other accessories to add to your experience include yoga bricks and rings, fitness towels, or a yoga mat harness strap, which is a loop you fit around your mat to carry it conveniently without the aid of a separate case.