Yoga Straps

An ancient physical, spiritual and mental practice originating in India, yoga is popular the world over. No longer reserved for hippies, the benefits of yoga are extolled by athletes and ballerinas to new mums and those who are seeking to gain balance in their minds and bodies. Yogas physical benefits involve gently strengthening and lengthening muscles through smooth and flowing exercises, which increase metabolism, flexibility and provide stress-reducing benefits that a healthy exercise regime entails. Yoga straps are bands that offer resistance and support when performing exercises. They can be utilised by the beginner yogi right through to the experienced professional.

Yoga Strap Materials

Yoga straps can be used in a variety of ways. Firm, woven bands of elastic material, generally cotton, feature a D-ring on the end for adjustability. These straps can be used to assist with stretching and achieving the perfect pose, whether it be helping to pull or hold a leg in place or providing resistance. Other yoga bands are loops of latex rubber, not unlike oversized rubber bands, which provide resistance when used on the legs or arms. These add an extra intensity to the exercise and encourage the muscles to work harder, which in turn encourages faster results.

Yoga Strap Designs

Available in a rainbow of colours, yoga straps come in every shade you can imagine, from hot pink to army green to classic black. Many sports or yoga brands print patterns or their brand name onto the latex bands. Unbranded yoga straps tend to be single colours.

Yoga Latex Bands

Latex bands for yoga can be layered up in multiples to create more resistance on the muscle. The standard size for a latex band yoga strap is about 30 centimetres flat and 4 centimetres wide with a stretch of 1 to 1.5 metres, depending on the users strength, of course. Resistance bands and trainers are extremely lightweight and take up next to no weight in your gym bag, yet deliver a powerful addition to your workout. They can be used in other exercise disciplines too, such as Pilates.