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Yohji Yamamoto has been leading the fashion scene for over 40 years, with his signature avant-garde style propelling him forward in fashion. Born in Tokyo, Yamamoto graduated in 1966 with a law degree in his corner. After graduating, however, he realised that law was not the career path for him and instead, he decided to assist his mother in managing her dressmaking store. Yamamoto then trained and graduated from Bunka Fashion College. From here, he began to discover his passion and began his business in Japan and moved it to Paris to open his first shop. He has gained a global audience and following, leading to his high-quality and stylish clothing being stocked in high-end department stores worldwide. Yohji Yamamoto's prominence in fashion has been recognised by awards such as Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon and the Royal Designer for Industry and the Master of Design award by Fashion Group International. 

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