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Yoshimura Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Since 1954, Yoshimura has been manufacturing custom engines and exhaust systems. The company started by fine tuning engines of all sorts before becoming a leading producer of some of the most high-end motorcycle exhaust systems and parts. Today, Yoshimura produces exhausts for almost all sports bikes and does not compromise on performance and style. The goal when choosing either branded or unbranded motorcycle exhaust systems is to pick exhausts that are not only power focused but also light weight.


Yoshimura manufactures two types of exhaust systems: slip on systems (also known as bolt-on or muffler only systems) and full systems. Slip on systems are installed by simply replacing the muffler while full system exhausts require everything to be replaced from the head to the back of the exhaust. Despite the installation of slip-on systems being simple, they dont perform as well as full systems. Most full systems need a change in the fuel management system for them to work perfectly. Full exhaust system installation is a bit more complex but the increase in power gain is worth the effort. The end goal you want to achieve determines which of the two systems you should go for.


Yoshimura produces its exhausts from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium. Titanium and carbon fibre exhausts are gaining popularity due to their light weight. However, they are more expensive than their alternatives. Exhausts made out of stainless steel remain on demand due to their affordability and durability. How you want your bike to look as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend determines the kind of exhaust you take home.


To cater for the different consumer needs, Yoshimura manufactures exhausts that have different configurations. To shed excess weight, factory four-into-two exhausts are often replaced with four-into-one systems. Your engine type determines the configuration type that will work well with your bike. For instance, V-twin engines achieve higher torque when two-into-one Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust systems are used.


The sound produced when you twist the throttle is affected by the type of muffler or exhaust system you choose. Yoshimura offers a variety of exhaust systems each engineered to make your bike quieter or louder. Some countries and states have noise regulations that riders must comply with. Therefore knowledge of these regulations is crucial prior to picking an exhaust system. Some sport bike exhausts come with a baffle that manipulates sound levels.