The founder of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics originally developed the product range for patients who were recovering from cosmetic and surgical procedures. They needed gentle, high-quality products without irritants that would allow their skin to breathe and heal.

What Youngblood products don't contain

Unlike most makeup products, Youngblood cosmetics don't include mineral oils, alcohol, artificial colours and fragrances, or talc. These can all be irritants to sensitive or healing skin, so they're avoided at all costs.

Smooth out skin imperfections

Youngblood's primers, concealers and foundation let you cover and hide tired eyes, pimples, and sun spots without blocking pores – meaning that your cover-up won't cause new problems for you tomorrow. Use its foundation powders for a quick, easy glow.

Draw attention to your eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, the saying goes. Highlight those windows with distinctive liners, eye shadows and mascaras that won't make them itch or burn. Mineral pigments in natural shades offer strong and long-lasting colour.

Every lip look from morning to night

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics have a range of lip liners, crayons, lipsticks, and glosses to suit any situation. Whether you prefer a matte or sheer look, there are options to suit both your colouring and occasion. Each adheres to the Youngblood manifesto of not containing irritants, but also gives back to your skin with moisturising oils and vitamins.

Youngblood blushers and highlighters

Youngblood contour palettes tend to be low on glitter and high on quality, allowing you to add highlights and shadows while retaining a natural look. You can find matte and glow-enhancing options in the range, to take you from a workday to a night out. Setting powders and sprays help to ensure that your look stays put until you're ready to sleep.

Brushes and applicators

This brand also offers a range of brushes and tools that complement their makeup products. It includes cruelty free and environmentally friendly options to suit all budgets.