Youth Archery Compound Bows

Hit the mark every time with archery compound bows

Robin Hood. Legolas. Katniss Everdeen. Our childhood heroes all have one thing in common: they look incredibly dashing with a bow and arrow in hand. Whether you just like the look of archery or you’re waiting for the impending zombie apocalypse and want to be prepared, then you need to take up archery as your new hobby.

Great advances in technology mean that you don’t need to use traditional archery longbows anymore. While they do look and feel great, drawing this type of bow takes a lot of strength. Instead of focusing all your energy on hitting the target accurately whilst aiming the bow and arrow, you can opt for a compound bow that uses less force to draw, but is just as powerful.

Compound bows for youth archery

There are many advantages to using a compound bow over a traditional bow. For one, using less force means that you can focus on a more accurate aim. This is because it works on a levering system – the pulley that is used to bend the limbs offers a mechanical advantage using stored energy to cast the arrow. Secondly, compound bows are much more affordable than traditional or recurve bows. For the cost of a second-hand recurve bow, you can get a brand new compound bow. Finally, because you’re not using your complete brute strength, you can casgt a heavier arrow and be confident in the fact that it will penetrate the target better.

Whether you want to try out for a tournament or want to keep it strictly recreational, you can find a whole range of youth archery compound bows online on eBay. Shop today for brand new and used archery products to begin your passion.