Youth Exercise Compression & Base Layers   

Adults work hard when working out or playing sports. Kids, on the other hand, can lose themselves into these activities and never realise how tired they are until the end of the day. To make the exercise routines and sports activities help kids realise their full potential and recover faster afterward, youth exercise and base layers can help. Base layers are garments that are worn beneath other clothing and also help kids stay cool and dry.    

What type of compression and base layer clothing items are available for youths?   

Some of the different compression and base layer clothing items available for boys and girls are:

The compression leggings and tights are available in full, three-quarter and half lengths while the compression tops or shirts are available with long or short sleeves.   

What are some things to know about men's 2XU sportswear?   

The sizes available for boys and girls from XS to XL and from size 3 to size 16. There are also several mid-sized garments like 3-4 and 9-10. The most common materials used for these garments are:   

  • Nylon 
  • Polyester 
  • Lycra 
  • Mesh 
  • Blends   

Many of these items are available in black or white. However, some colours are available as well, including yellow, silver, red, purple, pink, grey, green, gold and blue.