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Yumi means beautiful girl in Japanese. It makes sense considering Yumi's signature style has always been the fusion between east and west. The label is the creative result of an English designer meeting a Nepalese guy selling hippy clothes at Camden market, and the result is a brand inspired by global travel and the style combinations that traverse borders and cultures.

All of Yumi's creations feature strong, bold colour combinations, designed to add excitement and positivity to your wardrobe. How you feel in a Yumi creation is just as important as how you look. 

Bright printed dresses are Yumi's signature item, and there are plenty of prints, styles and colours to choose from. A bright, bold floral or patchwork print works well on a maxi or midi. Just choose the colour that best suits you and you're good to go. There are also more subtle designs with lace embellishments that will make you look elegant at an evening event. 

Yumi also has a great range of jumpsuits, tops, and kimonos to brighten any weekend wardrobe. Jumpsuits could be worn instead of a dress for evening occasions, simply add some strappy sandals and a statement bag and you're ready to go. 

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