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Z-Man Fishing Baits, Lures and Flies

Without bait, the fish have no reason to bite. Z-Man sells a wide variety of innovative bait and lure designs to attract many different kinds of fish.


Z-Man Fishing Products is a specialised company that focuses entirely on producing and selling fishing baits, lures and flies. The company was founded in South Carolina during the 1980’s and started off by selling materials and components to more established luremakers. However, in 2006 Z-Man began selling the ChatterBait lure, which became popular almost immediately on the back of high-profile tournament successes. Z-Man continues to sell the ChatterBait and its variants, and it has also been joined by a range of other lure designs.


The ChatterBait was Z-Man’s breakthrough product and remains their best-known. The Original ChatterBait uses a unique hex-shaped blade to provide maximum flash and vibration in the water. It combines the behaviour of crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jiggers to grab a fish’s attention. It comes in a wide range of colours and four different weights ranging from 7 to 19 grams for bass fishing at all depths. Z-Man has also released a number of variations on the original. These include the extra-small ChatterBait Micro, the customisable ChatterBait Freedom and the heavy-duty, saltwater-focused DieZel ChatterBait.

ElaZtech Plastic Baits

As well as their ChatterBait series, Z-Man makes a wide range of baits made from ElaZtech plastic. ElaZtech is a soft, non-toxic plastic designed to be 10 times tougher than regular soft plastic, allowing it to withstand bites better. ElaZtech baits are shaped to resemble a variety of different prey species including Z-man shad fishing baits, shrimp and crabs. The wide variety gives anglers the tools they need to lure any kind of fish. The selection of plastic baits also includes some more specialised designs like scented baits, which encourage fish to strike faster and hold for longer.


Z-Man first made its name by selling silicone skirts to the rest of the fishing supplies industry. To this day, the company continues to sell a range of skirts in bulk or individually. All Z-Man skirts are made entirely from silicone with no potentially weakening additives. Their flagship product is the EZ Skirt, which is designed to be easy to replace on the bait when it gets worn out. Z-Man also sells other more specialised skirts, like the EZ-TeaZer which is laminated with holographic foil to grab the fishes’ attention.

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