Z Scale Model Trains

Z Scale Model Trains

Z Scale model trains, tracks and accessories, with a scale ratio of 1:220 and a track gauge of 6.5 mm, are among the smallest sized replicas available for model railway enthusiasts. Due to the smaller size, Z-scale model trains are perfect for anyone with limited space to set up their own railway adventure on a shelf, a small table, or in a spare room.

Which Manufacturers Make Z Scale Models?

There are many manufacturers making Z Scale Models around the world, particularly Europe and North America. Each often specialises in replica trains and famous railway journeys from their particular regions. There are also a number of makers of Z Scale model train figures and people, accessories and landscaping items scaled to match this size. Two of the larger makers of Z Scales are:

  • Marklin: This German brand was the original creator of the smaller Z Scale dimensions in the 1970s. Theyve been making mechanical model trains in various sizes since the late 1800s, so have an extensive range of pieces to choose from that model on European trains.
  • Micro-Trains Line (MTL):  MTL models come from the United States of America. This brand that twin brothers founded in the 1940s as Kadee (boys do love their toys!) have over many styles of model train freight cars based on American prototypes.

What Types of Z Scale Locomotives and Carriages Are There?

A Z scale locomotive and carriage will base their designs on a range of historic, traditional and modern prototypes. Choose a theme, or a historical railroad to build a journey through the Swiss or German Alps, or traverse a City, or cross from America to Canada via the Rocky Mountains.

  • Locomotives:Z Scale Model Train Locomotives replicate steam, diesel and electric archetypes to build your railroad according to whatever theme or period your desire.
  • Carriages and Passenger Cars: Cartage, commuting and leisure in first and second class travel are all covered assorted passenger cars, wagons, containers and carriages.

Are Accessories and Landscaping Items Z Scale Sized?

  • Everything you would wish for to build your urban or rural track environment is available in accessories and landscaping supplies!
  • Railway Accessories: Products include all the Z Scale model train tracks, points and signals, adapters, motors, crossings, turnouts, tunnels, stations and platforms to get your train around the tracks.
  • Buildings: You can create a city, town or rural road trip environment with various buildings including houses, gas stations, cafes and so forth.
  • Scenery: Dont forget foliage for every season and type of landscape from palm trees, to fruiting trees, to dense bush!