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Keep it classic and casual with Zara

It is no surprise that Zara, which started off as a small store in Spain is now one of the largest retailers on the planet. The flagship brand of the Inditex group, Zara is a fashion house that manufactures a wide range of clothes and other accessories for women. 

Few clothing brands that attempt to keep up with all the latest fashions are of high quality and still affordable. That is why it is most likely the amalgamation of all these qualities that have made the Spanish clothing brand Zara the go-to fashion brand for so many.

It all began when its founder, Amancio Ortega established a dress-making factory called Inditex in 1963. It wasn’t until around a decade later that Amancio opened up a small store in La Coruna, Spain named Zorba, which he then changed to Zara with no real intention to do much more. And that is the story of how one of the world’s most successful and popular fashion brands was born. 

Zara then slowly expanded its empire from that small Spanish town, to the rest of the country, and later into Portugal. By the time the 90’s came around, Zara had expanded into a truly international brand, with stores in France, most of Europe, and the United States. Today, Zara has almost 6500 different stores in 88 countries all around the world.

The secret to the success of Zara was largely because of how they decided to keep up with the almost daily changes to fashion. The brand always creates their new designs and ensures they are ready for sale in stores within a maximum of a week or two, whereas the majority of other fashion houses would usually take around six whole months to get their new designs hanging on the racks in stores.

Because of this fast turnaround, Zara beat the other bigger name fashion houses to eventually become the favourite brand of all people who love to keep up with all the latest fashion trends. Mr Ortega was famous for his unique views of clothes as more of a perishable commodity that people would love for a short while and then never wear again, and maybe even throw away like milk or bread. He has often been quoted as saying that Zara produces ‘fresh baked clothes’ which are only able to survive the changing fashion trends on the street for not much longer than a month or maybe two at most. So that meant that if you saw a piece you liked and went back to the store a week later, and all of the clothes hanging on racks and worn by the mannequins in store front windows would all be completely different.

Customer Co-Creation 

Zara’s principal designer has always been the customer. Their unrelenting focus on the customer ensuring they get the fashion they want as well as need is the core reason for the brand’s success and the lofty heights they have reached to today. There was even a fascinating story that explains how Zara co-creates its products by leveraging input from their customers. 

A woman named Miko came into a Zara store in somewhere in Tokyo back in 2015 and asked the store assistant if they have a pink scarf, but unfortunately the store did not have any for sale. The same thing happened almost simultaneously to Elaine in San Francisco, Giselle in Frankfurt, and Michelle in Toronto as they also wanted to buy pink scarves from Zara stores. So unfortunately, not only did all four ladies leave each store empty handed without the pick scarves they were looking for, it also turned out to be an experience that many other shoppers encountered in different Zara stores all around the world over the following few days.

It was only 7 days later that 500,000 pink scarves were dispatched to over 2,000 Zara stores all over the world… and they completely sold out in under 3 days. 

Zara Style

From easy wrap dresses to bodycon slips, Zara dresses come in new stylish silhouettes, colours, and prints for the current season’s collection. Discover something now for every occasion imaginable, whether you’re after an essential shirt for work, or a cosy knitted top for the weekend. Looking for a party classic? Take your pick from our edit of chic little black dresses and glamorous gowns.

That Zara Dress

An unexpectedly viral fashion hit this year is suitable for all sizes and all weather, it is just as comfortable to wear as a silk nightie, and it is currently almost unavoidable. The dress goes great with leather jackets, Birkenstocks, red lipstick, trainers, and tote bags, and as your day is filled with work, then drinks, then dinner, it won’t chafe nor will it itch. That’s because this dress by Zara is always on your side.

You surely will have seen the dress by now, even if you didn’t realize it, whether it was on the train, in a café, or at a barbecue. This Zara polka-dot midi dress has unwittingly become the unexpected fashion success of the year, worn by women everywhere and discussed by many online. Beloved by celebrities and influencers alike, the polka dots on this dress are simply delightful, and the flowing skirt is suitable for women of all heights and sizes.

Of course, there have been many other fashion sensations that have gone viral in recent years, but this Zara dress is a little different. This is not some cult item that’s being celebrated by a small cross-section of similarly aged women in the same economic backgrounds. This dress has transcended all of the early adopters to become a clothing choice for all women. It has become a kind of everywoman dress.

The reason that this Zara dress is it so popular with so many different women is likely that it is pretty much a ready-made outfit that goes with anything. It suits all body types and can be worn casually like on the beach or a backyard party, but it can also be worn to the office. It is so unusual for a fashion item in these modern times that genuinely suits such a diverse range of people, but this is one dress that suits everyone.

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