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Zebra Thermal Printers

Zebra is a brand that makes a number of technical electronic products, which includes thermal printers. Thermal printers are useful in a wide variety of venues, especially in office environments or in work that requires the regular dispatching of labels. There are different types of Zebra thermal printers on the market that can handle an assortment of tasks for business or personal thermal printing requirements.

Types of Zebra Thermal Printers

The majority of thermal printers fall into two different categories that include thermal transfer printers and direct thermal printers. Thermal transfer printers use a special thermal printing head that picks up a solid form of ribbon ink and then transfers the images or characters in the ink to a surface by using pressure and heat. Direct thermal printers are a type of product that uses heated pins to create letters, numbers and images on paper that is receptive to thermal heat transfers. Zebra makes a complete line of desktop thermal printers and wristband thermal printers to handle any printing need.

Zebra Direct Thermal Printers

Direct thermal printers, like the Zebra thermal direct-print Z-band wristband can handle a variety of tasks for personal and business use. Since no assembly is required, this thermal printable wristband is ready to work right out of the box. These Zebra printers are ideal for use in the medical field to create name tag wristbands or at fairs and ticket booths to create items like ticket wristbands. The small size of this wristband printer makes it an attractive space-saving option for many professions. Other types of direct thermal printers include desktop printers, like the ZD620 series models that are often used in many transportation and manufacturing businesses. These are among the few direct thermal printer choices that are ideal for printing packing slips, shipping and receiving labels, work-in-process labels and inventory labels, among others.

Zebra Thermal Transfer Printers

Zebra also makes a line of thermal transfer printers that are suitable for a variety of industry needs. Printers like the ZD500 and GX Series are performance printers that are made to be easy to set up and operate. The thermal transfer printers are useful for a wide range of printing tasks designed to make healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing and other industry printing needs fast and reliable.

Zebra Thermal Printer Features

Zebra printers come in many different styles that include stationary and mobile printer models. Zebra thermal printers with USB 3.0 connectivity are widely used in many industries and a large number of them rely on the high-resolution graphics as well as the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options to deliver prints in the office and while on the go. Many desktop and mobile printers include LCD displays with multi-tasking ability for maximum performance.