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Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Do you work long and hard, with little or no time to go to a masseur? Have you considered owning one of the new generation of branded and unbranded massage chairs with zero gravity design? You can have a custom massage lasting 10 up to 40 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Zero gravity does not mean the chair hovers or floats in the air. It refers to the stress-free position astronauts sit in during takeoff. The chair reclines so that the legs are above heart level to spread the weight across the whole body and take pressure off the spine. It allows full contact of the back with the massage chair. Zero gravity enables you to completely relax mentally and physically.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Do you have problems with your spine, heart, veins or arthritis, or any condition made worse by gravity? A zero gravity massage chair can help with these conditions. It is also beneficial for blood circulation in legs and minimising varicose veins.

What Does a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Do?

There are many combinations of features you'll need to look into to decide what model of chair is right for you. Most chairs will feature a control panel and display screen with presets that enable you to choose a massage method. Some give you customizable settings to vary the massage details such as speed, intensity, width, and type of massage technique. Examples of techniques include: kneading, tapping, chopping and pressing (as a human practitioner would do.) Most massage chairs handle the neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, hips, legs and feet. Depending on what's most important to you, assess the available chairs to choose your preferred combination. In addition, chairs have rollers and vibrating or pulsating sections. Some may have functions that replicate human thumbs. Generally all chairs have inbuilt heaters to improve blood circulation & relax muscles, however check for this when comparing chairs. Air bags relax tight muscles in shoulders, arms, hips, and calves. You can usually set the firmness of the air bags. You can also inflate them using super quiet electric pumps. There are models with sensors that scan your body to make a perfect fit and massage regime. Some chairs have the ability to detect acupuncture points, and some even play music!

Other Features to look for In a Massage Chair

Regarding the outer material, is it breathable, soft, and moisture-resistant? It may be leather, vinyl or faux suede. The inner material is high-density foam that will mould itself to your body, in a similar way to memory foam bed pillows. Your chair should have wheels so that it is convenient & safe for you to move it. If you are tall, look for an extendable footrest.

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