Stylish yet super comfortable, the Ziera range of women's shoes, and boots are Orthotic friendly and made for all occasions.

Ziera shoes have always been passionate about how shoes look, fit and feel. For over 70 years the family company has been getting to know their customers and their feet better so they can design their shoes for what you do, what you like, what you wear and how you feel. Their many years of experience, knowledge of materials and the intricate mechanics of the foot have guided their design to the best possible solutions for women's feet of all shapes and sizes. Ziera shoes are made with maximum comfort, durability, and your feet, at their heart. 

Zierra Shoes are made to live up to the everyday demands of individuals getting on with their busy lives. They look as good as they feel and allow you to express your unique style, wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Sierra Shoes believe footwear shouldn't be painful, so they ensure the ultimate comfort with every pair. 

For the warmer months Ziera Women's Sandals are available in a range of colours and styles to pair perfectly with a sundress during the day or jeans at night. There is a significant range of leather sandals on eBay as well as various other styles, like cork wedges, for something a little different. 

Ziera shoes believe that women deserve the best of both style and comfort in their footwear and that simple ethos has allowed this small New Zealand company to flourish and bring superb comfort to women around the world. Enjoy the comfort and styles yourself by shopping the Ziera shoes range on eBay today.