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Zildjian Cymbals

Zildjian Cymbals

Musicians use Zildjian cymbals because of their clear, crisp sound quality and the fact that they feature top-of-the-line materials. You can use them to replace stock cymbals in your drum kit, or use them to expand the sound range of your drum set. There are many different types of Zildjian cymbals available, and each has its own unique characteristics and uses. With so many of these instruments to choose from, you can find Zildjian cymbals that help you create the sound you are looking for.

Zildjian Crash Cymbals

Zildjian crash cymbols produce loud, sharp crash sounds. Drummers typically use them to insert occasional accents into songs. You can mount these cymbals on stands if you want to play them with drum sticks, or you can play them by hand.

Zildjian Ride Cymbals

Zildjian ride cymbals create softer sounds than crash symbols. Use them to create steady rhythmic patterns throughout entire songs or sections of tunes. If you want to add a ride cymbal to your drum kit, a popular location is in a far outside position or on the side of your dominant hand.

Zildjian Hi-Hat Cymbals

Zildjian hi-hat cymbals come in sets of two, and most people play them using pedals. These Zildjian cymbals are adjustable, which means you can change the distance between the two cymbals in order to make changes to their sound. You can use them to make sustained tones or to create rhythms.

Zildjian Splash Cymbals

Zildjian splash cymbals are one of the smallest type of Zildjian cymbals. Many drummers use them to add accents or effects to music. Their smaller size creates higher-pitched sounds than many other types of cymbals. Drummers frequently use these instruments in rock, salsa and jazz music. A typical location for splash cymbals in a drum kit is near the ride cymbal.

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