Men's zip boots for style and function

Boots are a style staple for many guys and having a zip closure is one of the easiest ways to get your boots on and off after a hard day at work. There are hundreds of styles to choose from including cowboy boots, safety boots, Chelsea boots and Wellington boots plus many others in brand new, factory seconds and used condition. You can also choose styles to suit your personality and sizes are available from adult 6 up to larger sizes including adult 13. 

Workboots for busy feet

If you work in a trade such as construction or industrial fields, then having sturdy workboots is paramount for health and safety. If you're looking for styles that will protect your feet plus give you comfort all day, then the range of top brands including Caterpillar, Magnum, Lambretta and Cofra plus many others give you wearable protection for prolonged periods. Many of these boots have zip closures and lace-up design to keep them securely on your foot. Many workboot styles are also waterproof and impact resistant to prevent damage to your foot from falling or sharp objects. 

Boots for smart and casual attire

Boots are a particular favourite for style-conscious men who are looking to pair their smart and casual clothing with fashionable footwear. There is a vast selection of styles that suit this look including the iconic Chelsea boot, biker style footwear and heeled cowboy boots. You'll also find colours to suit individual tastes and detailing such as fastenings, lace detail, panelling and stitched patterns on the upper of the boot. 

Wet weather boots

Be prepared for the elements with the range of Wellington boots and snow/ski footwear. There is a large selection of styles that can withstand the colder temperatures while keeping your feet dry and warm in the winter months.