Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Want a fresh solution for your daily water consumption habits? Enjoy water the way it should be - safe, smart and sustainable - when you buy Zip HydroTap from the extensive selection available on eBay. The Zip HydroTap is a highly advanced version of a drinking water filter that uses water filter cartridges. It works by filtering ordinary water and transforming it into sparkling, pure tasting water in an instant. Whether for the home or the office, these modern taps provide quality boiling, cold and in some cases chilled water, depening on the model you purchase. When you own a HydroTap, you no longer need to use a kettle or constantly fill and replace water jugs, and your household or team can fill up to 60 cups of boiling water per hour.

What type of Zip HydroTaps are available?

With 6 different designs and 12 contemporary colours in the full Zip HydroTap range, you are sometimes spoiled for choice when browsing eBay. Chances are you'll find one that perfectly fits the style of your kitchen. While every Zip HydroTap produces boiled water and ambient water, not all models are designed to produce chilled water. Check the item description for details.

What are the benefits?

Aside from the health and safety benefits of a water system that filters out chlorine, lead, rust and other potentially harmful organic compounds, Zip HydroTaps also offer excellent energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. No more buying, chilling or disposing of bottled water.

How to use a Zip HydroTap

Once installed, these taps are very easy for anyone to use. For boiling water, press the red lever and safety button together. To fill a glass, jug or bottle with chilled filtered water, press the blue lever. For sparkling chilled filtered water, press the red and blue levers together.

Save time, energy and money on a daily basis when you buy a Zip HydroTap through eBay.

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